How to block anonymous calls on OpenSIPS

Prerequisites: confidence with Linux shell, know how to install and configure OpenSIPS with MySQL DBMS, know SIP protocol. 

I spent hours figuring out how to block anonymous calls that sometimes arrive on my office voip phone. And not only to me: also my colleagues complain about anonymous calls.

At the end, after doing some analysis about SIP packets regarding anonymous calls, i decide to use pcre_match method from regex module.

But blocking anonymous calls for everyone may not to be a good idea: someone could need to receive calls also from anonymous, so i decide to use also AVPops module to allow single users to bypass the block. In the following example, adding the AVP “allowanon” to the usr_preferences table let the user to bypass the filter.

So, to enable anonymous call blocking I add to /etc/opensips/opensips.cfg:

## Load REGEX module
loadmodule ""
route {
  if (pcre_match("$fu", "^sip:anonymous")) {
    xlog("L_INFO", "$ci - Anonymous to $rU call detected\n");
    if(avp_db_load("$ru/username","$avp(allowanon)")) {
      # what to do if dest allow anonymous calls
    } else {
      # or if anonymous calls are not allowed
      sl_send_reply("403", "Forbidden - Anonymous calls not allowed");

and in SQL usr_preferences table i add users that needs to receive also anymous calls:


Hint: AVP “value” could be used to enable more actions, like forwards or so on…

After applying the script, you can debug it with your cell phone to do a call with prefix ‘#31#’ (hide the CLI). On opensips.log you should see:

/usr/sbin/opensips[22869]: 147612310b434eaa – Anonymous to [xxxx] call detected

Feel free to ask if something was not clear.

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