Central Intelligence Agency – Case #75823469

Il lunedì mattina inizia con una simpatica mail di scamming firmata da una certa “Clelia Trice” della CIA – Central Intelligence Agency che, in merito ad una presunta indagine su materiale pedopornografico con tanto di arresto previsto per l’8 aprile 2019 (!), molto gentilmente (“i know you are a wealthy person“) si offre di archiviare la mia posizione in cambio di un pagamento di 1000$ in BitCoin sul conto “speciale” 35X7J1NbYigV88QDqG75m112MESnVUFnoJ.

Ecco il testo completo della mail:

Case #75823469
Distribution and storage of pornographic electronic materials involving underage children.   
My name is Clelia Trice and I am a technical collection officer working for Central Intelligence Agency.
It has come to my attention that your personal details including your email address (o-zone@zerozone.it) are listed in case #75823469.
The following details are listed in the document's attachment:
Your personal details,
Home address,
Work address,
List of relatives and their contact information.
Case #75823469 is part of a large international operation set to arrest more than 2000 individuals suspected of paedophilia in 27 countries.
The data which could be used to acquire your personal information:
Your ISP web browsing history,
DNS queries history and connection logs,
Deep web .onion browsing and/or connection sharing,
Online chat-room logs,
Social media activity log.
The first arrests are scheduled for April 8, 2019.
Why am I contacting you ?
I read the documentation and I know you are a wealthy person who may be concerned about reputation.
I am one of several people who have access to those documents and I have enough security clearance to amend and remove your details from this case. Here is my proposition.
Transfer exactly $10,000 USD (ten thousand dollars - about 2.5 BTC) through Bitcoin network to this special bitcoin address:
You can transfer funds with online bitcoin exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitstamp or Coinmama. The deadline is March 27, 2019 (I need few days to access and edit the files).
Upon confirming your transfer I will take care of all the files linked to you and you can rest assured no one will bother you.
Please do not contact me. I will contact you and confirm only when I see the valid transfer.
Clelia Trice
Technical Collection Officer
Directorate of Science and Technology
Central Intelligence Agency

In allegato alla mail, tanto per cercare di darsi un contegno, c’è il logo della CIA.

Inutile sottolineare come sia solo un tentativo di frode, al quale non bisogna assolutamente dare seguito.

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