EPrints upgrade to 3.2 and RoMeO patch v1.1

Hi all,

i decide to wrote this post in english because i’m talking about an international project, EPrints:

EPrints is the most flexible platform for building high quality, high value repositories, recognised as the easiest and fastest way to set up repositories of research literature, scientific data, student theses, project reports, multimedia artefacts, teaching materials, scholarly collections, digitised records, exhibitions and performances.

At the moment i’m working hard to build and configure an Institutional repository (called “OASi”) for research products of University of Siena.Since it is still in beta stage, i’ve upgraded to newest version 3.2 and i was impressed of all upgraded and innovations they made in that release !

Yep, as in any major releases, there are some changes and fixes to do but i spend only few hours fixing all repository issues.

One of those fix involve my RoMeO patch that let thedepositor to know, if found, editorial policies about your eprint. The patch modify Upload.pm in /perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin/InputForm/Component adding a table that show details about the ISSN’s policies grabbed from Sherpa/RoMeO.

Tecnically, my patch simply did queryes on the new RoMeO v2.4 API asking for infos about specified ISSN.

If you like the idea, try it: click here to get RoMeo.tar.gz !

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